Kunal: Happy Kuverian!

Kunal Happy Kuverian

Kunal is a #HappyKuverian. He has had a fruitful career in technology services in India and has traveled the world for work. He is currently based out of Noida, where he works for a multi-national technology service provider. We spoke to Kunal about his experience with Kuvera, India’s friendliest Direct Plan Investment Platform.

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Please tell us about yourself, where did you grow up and your story?

I work at a global technology company. Brought up in a small town in India, I have gotten to see the world while performing my day job (lots of tours) and get to dream about a better world while off work. I am a sports fan and am enabling a few small steps towards making India a giant sporting nation!

What is your approach to financial planning?

It’s a mix of equity , mutual funds and real estate.

How did you learn about Kuvera?

I learnt about Kuvera from a friend who has been investing in mutual funds through their platform

How were you investing in Mutual Funds before? Did you know about Direct Plans before Kuvera?

I was investing in a sporadic manner and not in disciplined way. Some of these were done through brokers / agents while others through demat accounts. Ofcourse now I know better than to use demat accounts for Mutual Fund investing. No, I wasn’t aware about these direct plans on offer till I visited Kuvera and saw the benefits of direct plans.

Why do you invest and why Mutual Funds?

I invest primarily for two reasons
A. To plan for retirement
B. To generate higher returns on my savings so that I can lead a better quality of life TODAY.

What were the biggest problems that you have faced with investing and financial planning in India?

My work schedule is very taxing and hence I don’t have enough time to manage my personal finances well. I have therefore always been taking external help for investments. In doing so I’ve faced two challenges : 1. Lack of transparency by the advisor at times and 2. Lack of regular advise from the advisor to make changes to the portfolio. These factors lead to frustration and a desire to have a transparent and high performing advisor who can help with the right guidance on how to multiply wealth

Can you describe your experience with Kuvera?

Experience with Kuvera has been good. The platform is very very simple to use and the algorithms seem to pick the right choice of funds based on my need. And the return on the investment has been higher ( touchwood 🙂 ) than I thought it would be for direct funds .

What goals have you planned for?

Retirement planning as well as regular returns in short term to ensure wealth multiplication and a better standard of living

How did you choose which schemes to invest in? Will you recommend Kuvera to your friends and colleagues?

Kuvera platform suggests the schemes I should invest in based on my need. At first I was a bit skeptical. But once I saw the portfolio perform I started simply going by the recommendations and investing. It helps my cause because I get sound advise without me having to investigate and research myself.

Become a #HappyKuverian today

Start investing through a platform that brings goal planning and investing to your fingertips. Visit kuvera.in to discover Direct Plans and start investing today.

#MutualFundSahiHai, #KuveraSabseSahiHai!

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