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10 Responses

  1. Ramkumar says:

    Wow this is great feature and most expected.

  2. Chander Chauhan says:

    Is there any fees for adding Manager ? if yes, how much ?

    • Gaurav Rastogi says:

      There are no fees to add a manager. And you can add as many managers to your account as you want.

  3. Karthik Kanniyappan says:

    There is one issue i see here . I have both mine and wife’s account in Kuvera and both of us have the Smart-Switch Access enable din our respective accounts . Now, I have added my account as the manager to my wife’s account. While i m managing the account , i see the smart switch option again is asking for Coins . Isnt it a bug ?? Or to use this feature again, i need to spend Coins !!!

  4. Karthik Kanniyappan says:

    This is surely an amazing feature for managing family members under one roof and giving each of these members independent access with their passwords.
    I see one User experience can be enhanced, While we are switching to the Managed account, somewhere in the Page, please show up whose account we are currently seeing as on the Top right corner , i still see my account only and not the account name which i m in the managing window. It would be good to have this reference as and when we have more than one managed accounts here, the confusion also wont remain.

  5. pankaj says:

    How can a manager influence my account or returns, or it is just a robotic tool ?
    Will I get any suggestions regarding my investments or so ?

    • Gaurav Rastogi says:

      Hello Pankaj, a “Manager” is your trusted friend and family member who you can depend on for good advice. It is not a robotic tool. Say there is an uncle you ask for investment advice all the time. Now you can add him as a manager so he can view and guide you on your investments more easily.


  6. Nishikant Chore says:


    Is there a way to see the consolidated portfolio value/performance of my account and the account managed by me (my wife’s account)?

    Basically I want to understand if my wife and I can set goals together and track overall performance of the two portfolios?


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